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Project for the Development of the Gorokhovoye Field Territory

  • Investment volume:


  • Project Initiator:

    Government of the Magadan Region

  • Location:

    Magadan, Gorokhovoye Field

For the first time in the Far East, the Magadan Region is launching a pilot project for the implementation of the Integrated Development Standard as part of the implementation of national projects in a separate territory of Magadan.

The project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” within the framework of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” was developed at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The head of state has repeatedly noted the importance of each person living in comfortable conditions and landscaped areas, which directly affects the quality and standard of living of Russians, as well as improves the demographic indicators of the territory as a whole.

The architecture concept of the Gorokhovoye Field was developed by Strelka DB with the participation of the British company LDA Design and the Swedish engineering company SWECO as part of the development of the Spatial Development Strategy (master plan) of Magadan.

The housing project provides for the construction of about 204,000 sqm of modern and comfortable housing for the resettlement of Kolyma dwellers from emergency and rundown residential buildings recognized as such after January 1, 2017; settlements subject to resettlement; as well as citizens awaiting housing under other programs. Residential construction will be represented by medium and low-rise blocks. An important infrastructural axis of the new urban area will be the highway stretching from Yagodnaya Street to the 31st Block.

Housing development provides for the preparations of communal and transport infrastructure. The project involves 4 stages of housing development of the territory of the Gorokhovoye Field in Magadan with an area of ​​75 hectares with the prospect of further development of the territory until 2035. The Housing and Urban Environment national project is being implemented in Kolyma under the personal supervision of the Governor of the Magadan Region Sergei Nosov.

Project outcomes:

  • 1000 new jobs created;
  • 170,000 sqm of new living space for population clusters in need of social support;
  • Comfortable high-quality housing in Magadan;
  • First project to the Integrated Development Standard for the Territories in the Far East.

Project for the Development of the Gorokhovoye Field Territory 

Implementation period - 2020-2035.

Development area - 75 ha

Gross construction area - 317,000 sqm, including:

Housing development - 204,000 sqm

Non-residential development - 113,000 sqm, including:

  • Social and business facilities - 55,000 sqm
  • Commercial facilities - 22,000 sqm
  • Social infrastructure facilities - 26,000 sqm
  • Communal facilities - 10,000 sqm

Non-residential facilities are as follows:

  1. Sport Complex “Presidential”
  2. Multifunctional cultural center
  3. Shopping mall
  4. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation center
  5. Interior garden
  6. Education center
  7. Pedestrian bridge over the Magadanka River
  8. Town square
  9. Multi-tier parking with commercial premises on the ground floor
  10. Hotel and chambers
  11. Polyclinic
  12. Electric substation
  13. District square

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